figuren theater tübingen

The book
figuren theater tübingen
„creationen 1991 – 2009“

A journey in images and words through 18 years of
figuren theater tübingen.
German/Englih, 208 pages, 248 photographs, hardcover, full colour.
NOLD Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY, 2009
With texts from Katja Spiess, Enno Podehl, Christian Bollow,
descriptions of the plays by Christiane Zanger and Frank Soehnle.

Chapter 1: PROLOGUE
Katja Spieß: „The Poetry of Transience“
A portrait of the puppeteer Frank Soehnle and his company

Christian Bollow: „pictorial language“
Interview with Frank Soehnle

Enno Podehl; „Between Operation and Pursuit“
Approaching Frank Soehnle’s theatre

Chapter 2: REGISTER
Description of 16 theatre creations and 3 TV-projects by Christiane Zanger
and Frank Soehnle in photographs, words, poems and sketches.

Chapter 3: ARCHIVE
Tours, directions, festivals, biographies.

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