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NIGHT CONCERT - Le Grand Pas de Deux

A duett of Frank Soehnle (puppeteer)
and Jesper Ulfenstedt (double bass)

Antonio Bibalo (1922-2008): Invenzione evolutiva per Solo Contrabasso (9’)
Annibale Mengoli (1851 – 1895): Konzert Etüden Nr. 4 (2’)
Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012): S. Biagio 9 Agosto ore 1207 (7‘)
Emil Tabakov (1947*): „Motivy“ (4’)
György Kurtág (1926*): „Eine Botschaft an Valérie“ (4’)
Teppo Hauta-aho (*1941): Kadenza (8‘)
Carl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787): Sonate (9‘)
Jean Françaix (1912-1997): Theme Varié (12‘)
Frank Proto (1941*): 1963 (3’)
Evert Taube (1890 – 1976): Nocturne (2’)

The basic idea behind the project is the interaction between two people, between instrument and puppet/material and between music and movement. The compositions span a range from Baroque to Atonality to Jazz. The appearances of the puppets create a unique contact with the soul of music.
Frank Soehnle developed from different materials, forms and techniques figures and pictorial languages, which communicate with the music in different ways. They reinforce the musical message, join the compositions or contrast them and allow a new perception of the music.
The thematic starting of this night concert in the form of the "Nocturnes" is reflected in the figures and creates a nocturnal universe of dreams, shadows and phantoms.

Duration: 55 minutes – no intermission

Frank Soehnle (puppeteer)
Jesper Ulfenstedt (musician)
Christian Glötzner (technician)
Tine Beutel (video)
Sabine Ebner (costumes)
Karin Ould Chih (choreography)
Véra Rozanova (assistant)

Premiere february 7th 2015, Komische Oper Berlin