figuren theater tübingen



  • surface area 6m x 8m
  • a minimum of 3.50m. stage area height
  • steeply ascending rows of seating for the audience
  • black (darkened) backdrop and side elevations (preferably bare).
    A room that can be darkened
  • a minimum distance of 1.5m. from the edge of the stage
    to the 1st. row of seating
  • a gridiron, or several possibilities to secure objects to the ceiling above
    the stage area (see stage plan)


    We need the promoter/management to provide:
  • 2 x 1000 W spotlights
  • stage assistants to help with assembly and dismantling of stage setting
  • dressing room facilities to accommodate 3 people including washroom


  • Smog is comming up during the performance
  • Please check all smoke detectors and set accordingly


  • length of performance: 70 minutes
  • stage set preparation time 4 hours - Dismantling time 1 hour

Urgent - please take note:

  • it must be possible to darken the stage area completely (blackout)
  • maximum audience capacity: 150 persons
  • the performance is suitable for youths and adults