figuren theater tübingen


A poetic Journey to the edges of reality

We all know them, these "days under water", minutes and seconds without oxygen and balance, moments in another reality.

The new show by figuren theater tübingen dives to these forgotten and sunken moments under the water surface of reality.


The audience is facing a long festive table.

Fragments of different biographies drift past, welcome us to remember and to forget, tell us from drinking an drowning, from a goodbye in this and a welcome in another life.

Two puppeteers, an old radio and amazing phenomena invite to a journey into unknown spheres. With the theatrical possibilities of puppet and object theatre the limits of perception are shifted and the power of gravity is undermined.

A wordless poetic dive begins.


Puppeteers: Ulrike Andersen and Christian Glötzner

Direction: Frank Soehnle

Puppets and Set: Ulrike Andersen, Anja Kilian und Frank Soehnle

Music: Johannes Frisch

Technician: Leonard Wanner

Premiere: 10.11.16

Duartion: 60 minutes, no intermission

The performance is suited for grown-ups and children starting age 12.