figuren theater tübingen

With Enormous Wings

“…the performance is magically charged and told in a quiet poetic voice reminiscent of the Nobel prize winner’s writing. A bundle of wrung out wash is transformed into a face, small men are growing out of the turfy stage floor like mandrakes, strange marionettes are dangling from threads and seem to possess a life of their own. A victory of the imagination over reality.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 2003

“… a true firework of metamorphoses explodes, when the village people scratch up goblin-like spirits of the dead from the earth with their mean claws, while the morbid angel marionette watches and flutters over everything from above. Magically beautiful puppet theatre.”
Mannheimer Morgen, 3/3/2003

“…the strange and the monstrous, pragmatism and superstition, quirky details and existential questions matter-of-factly flow together. And with the same ease, the ‘figurentheater tübingen’ has created a narrative arc of images, held in place by a cornucopia of acoustic and optical ingredients. A magical microcosm, in which dream and reality merge.
Schwäbische Post, 2/25/2003

“…Márquez’s small parable leaves no doubt about the inability of people to recognize miracles. (…) The surreal figures, the sometimes grotesque acting of the ensemble and the trance-like aspect of the music create a realm of associations that is compelling in its otherness – and achieves precisely the fascination which the people in Márquez’s parable had no time for.”
Esslinger Zeitung, 2/23/2003

“…the story, in which Márquez as always unveils the codified shadows of childhood, is perfectly suited for Soehnle & Co’s own magical stage realism. (…) The restored grace of Kleistian marionette theatre, overlaid with an additional metaphysical dimension – this is perhaps one way to describe Soehnle’s puppet theater. (…) With this co-production, the Staatstheater Stuttgart has evoked the demons it deserves. Demons one wants to see over and over again.”
Südwestpresse, 2/26/2003

“…Here, the story. And there, Frank Soehnle’s puppet theatre – this in essence indescribable combination of people, costumes, masks, cloths, things, sounds and puppets. (…) The proximity of life and death, beauty and transitoriness, the known and the secret become stunningly palpable in this performance. We almost forgot. But now, we have a chance of knowing again.
Stuttgarter Zeitung, 2/24/2003