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Swimmers for dream dancers

A Pandaemonium, as it can only born out of the imagination and creativity of Soehnle and his fellow-followers. Plus the fantastic, virtuos puppetbodycontrol: from the last bony fingertip till the last link of a spider-like animal.

Enough enthused! Who is willing to open his eyes will be enchanted. At the Tübingen Puppet theatre.

Südwestpresse, 12.11.2016

The production „under.water“ is a playful night-piece of fantasy and strong images. Frank Soehnle works with reduced miniature figures lent by Giacomettis ideas, plus a lot of other living objects, the two puppeteers at the long table bring it to life. In between, as part of the whole.

Frank Soehnle creates „visual poems“. Here you find these poems so polyphonic recited like seldom. A maritim-melancholic defilee of feelings.

Fidena Portal, 14.11.2016

Many original ideas put the viewers in joyful astonishment and blend into touching, delicate images.

But water is not only a threatening grave, it is also a place of desire.

Rain drops and sea noises in the music arrangements by Johannes Frisch

promise dissolution in the infinite, homecoming and freedom.

Reutlinger General Anzeiger, 14.11.2016

A Journey to the edges of reality

The audience is nearly absorbed into the play: a pantomime roundelay with comic, filigraine puppets, floating, dancing or just being with discreet gorgeous optical effects and magic lighting.

There is the story: under the water, on the water, near the water, until the show rises to the magic last picture full of zero gravity.

Reutlinger Nachrichten, 11.11.2016