figuren theater tübingen


"(...) While the puppets are up to their amorous antics, Soehnle is visible to the audience. It is testament to the man's talents that this does not detract the audience from believing that the puppets are indeed driven by their own set of emotions and moving of their own will and accord. (...) Soehnle brilliantly incorporated two skits in which a man sneaks his pet dog to the opera. The whole house roared with laughter at this antic. (…) Bravo!"

New Straits Times, 15.05.1999

"(...) Frank Soehnle could be called a ‚universal artist' who has successfully blended all the arts to create one of the most exciting theatre evenings Bangkok has known for some time. (...)"
Bangkok Post, 22.05.1999

"(...) The manipulation was precise and impeccable. (...) It was flawless in execution and brillant in design."
Puppetry Journal, 12/99

"(...) It should be hard to believe that sticks, rags and strings could elict so much emotion, laughter and curiosity, but the German puppeteer Frank Soehnle makes it easy to accept. (...) Yet the puppets are exquisitely suggestive and their movements hint fleetingly. (...) One terrific hour of fun."
New York Times, 11.09.1998

"(...) FLAMINGO BAR was characterized by exquisite sic, forcefull design and courage to test the art form. Those who have long hailed that the manipulation and acting skill, quality sound/mu marionette is dead should see this work. They will find themselves at a christening and not a wake."
Austrailian Puppeteer, 8/97