Patrick Michaelis

Working since 1976 as a freelance actor for various projects. Together with Claude-Alice Peyrottes, he has directed the theatre “Compagnie Bagages de Sable” since 1987.

From 2003 to 2010, they were Artistic Directors of Scène nationale in Fécamp: Théâtre le Passage, centre de création artistique.

As an actor, he has worked with numerous directors, focussing on contemporary literature with occasional excursions into classical theatre.

He made his debut at the Centre dramatique du Limousin under the direction of Jean-Pierre Laruy, and quickly formed his first group, the “Tréteaux du Limousin”.

From 1980, he worked in Paris with Roger Blin, as well as with Daniel Dupont, Françoise Pillet (Théâtre de la Pomme verte), with André Engel and Raoul Ruiz as part of a continuing education programme, as well as with Madeleine Laïk and Dominique Proust, Rachel Salik, Michel Bruzat, and Zbignew Horoks.

He has acted in pieces by Molière, Shakespeare, Feydeau, Marivaux, but also Manfred Karge, Ödön von Horvath, Slawomir Mrozeck, Dominique Paquet, Yves Reynaud, Christian Caro, Serge Valletti, Philippe Minyana, Bertolt Brecht, Geneviève Serreau, Claudine Galéa, under the direction of Claude-Alice Peyrottes, Hélène Ninérola, Michèle Heydorff, Jean-Claude Mathon, Patrick Simon, Yamina Hachémi, Eric de Dadelsen, Jean-Louis Raynaud, …