anima_mundi -

theater parcours with figures
Cooperation between the figures theater tübingen, Theater Gobelin and Bestiarium Merlarium

What's your favorite animal?
And do you carry it around with you or is it invisible?

Does it whisper in your ears when you cross the street, or does it lure you into the green undergrowth outside of the city in the high-rise jungle?
Meet the secret animals of the three protagonists on this, outside in the green of the theater.garten and inside in the cool of the rehearsal.stage.
Find out why snails invented opera, why foxes color our interiors and how a kimono becomes the wings of a butterfly.

A journey to new worlds and ways of thinking about dealing with flora and fauna.

The basic motif is Hermann Hesse's 1910 story "The City", which questions the idea of progress in the life cycle of a city.

This text is contrasted with four "theater images" about the relationship between humans and animals.

Poetic drafts of a utopian harmony between humans and animals.

"And where else could we live if not in the bottomless burrow of each other's shadows?" says the fox in Shaun Tan's "Journeys Inside the City".

At the intersection of visual and performing arts, small groups of 5 viewers experience lively theatrical stories with different figurative techniques in atmospheric natural or artistic spaces.

August 3, 2023, theater.garten.tübingen

With the support of the state association for freelance artists with funds from the Ministry for Research, Science and Art B-W and the university town of Tübingen.

This production was specially developed for the rooms of the rehearsal stage and the theater garden at Schlachthausstrasse 15 in Tübingen and is not available for guest performances.


Performers Janne Wagler, Merle Smalla, Anja Müller and Frank Soehnle
Conferencier Lars Wagler
Music composition Stefan Mertin
Voices Patrick Michaelis, Janne Wagler, Merle Smalla, Christian Glötzner and Frank Soehnle
Puppets Merle Smalla and Frank Soehnle
Direction Team