Johannes Frisch

The improvising musician, contrabass player, and composer Johannes Frisch lives in Karlsruhe. For decades he has been giving concerts as an improviser, band member, and theatre musician, playing at festivals and collaborating with colleagues throughout Europe and overseas. He works as a composer for interdisciplinary projects, and makes music for dance, silent film, and theatre, particularly puppet theatre. Numerous works with rat’n’X were written for figuren theater tübingen, he wrote theatre music for Theaterhaus Mannheim, Badisches Staatstheater, and Nationaltheater Mannheim, among others.

Current band projects include Kammerflimmer Kollektief, The Schwarzenbach with Dietmar Dath, the trio Moscow by Heart with the Russian-born American Misha Feigin. He has released about three dozen vinyl LPs, CDs and music for radio dramas.